Tuesday, July 2, 2013


In his commentary on Genesis, Walton defines paganism in this way: "The heart of paganism is not found in the perversity of rituals but in the degradation of deity." That is to say that paganism is trying to bring "the gods" down to humanity's level.

Then, he goes on to make this powerful statement.

"By nature we are all pagans caught in the Babel syndrome (Genesis 11:1-9). When we think we can manipulate God by praying in Jesus' name to achieve selfish purposes, our paganism is showing. When we "claim promises" as a means of making God do what we want him to do, our paganism is showing. When we come to think we are indispensable to God because of the money we donate, the talents we have, the ministries we engage in, or the worship we offer, our paganism is showing. When we treat God as a child to be cajoled or a tyrant to be appeased, the Bable syndrome is surging in our veins. We want a manageable "God-lite." We want to be able to harness his power for our own benefit, no strings attached."

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