Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I Love the Psalms

One of the reasons why I love reading the Psalms (this morning I read Psalms 3-5) is the beauty of the character of God that is described for us.

But, another reason why I love reading the Psalms is the sheer honesty with which the author(s) communicate to the Lord. This honesty, at the very least, lets me know that the Lord can handle anything and that, as his son, I can talk to him about anything. It lets me know that a plethora of words are not necessarily what the Lord is after in communicating with him as much as an open and honest conversation, especially since he knows what is in my heart to begin with. I'm always amazed at how honest the Psalmist is, oftentimes it is David writing. And, because of that, I am comforted and encouraged, because David was a man with like passions; just like me.

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